Partner laboratories

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European Centre for Research and Education in Environmental Geosciences (CEREGE)

  • Terrestrial and marine geosciences: (paleo) climatology, geomorphology, seismic risk, hydro(geo)logy, biogeochemistry of soils
  • UMR 7330
  • AMU, CNRS, IRD, Collège de France

Continental Ecosystmes and Environmental Risks (ECCOREV)

  • All environnemental fields
  • FR 3098


Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMSE, ex-GREQAM)

  • Environmental economics
  • UMR 7316

Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO)

  • Marine science: physics, biogeochemistry, biology,  ecology, resources
  • UMR 7294
  • AMU, CNRS, IRD, Université du Sud Toulon-Var

Mediterranean Institute of marine and terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecology (IMBE)

  • Ecology, terrestrial and marine biodiversity, ecosystem services, paleoecology
  • UMR 7263
  • AMU, CNRS, IRD, Université d’Avignon

Comparative public law, international law and European law (DPCDIDE), CERIC team

  • International law, environmental law
  • UMR 7318
  • AMU, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, Université du Sud Toulon Var, CNRS

Study of the structures, processes of adaption and changes of space (UMR ESPACE)

  • Geography, history, psychology
  • UMR 7300

Risks, Ecosystems, Vulnerability, Environment, Resilience (RECOVER,  Aix-en-Pce)

  • Risks, forests, hydrology
  • IRSTEA (now INRAE)

Ecodevelopment (ECODEV)

  • Economy, agronomy
  • UR 0767
  • INRA (now INRAE)

Laboratory Population Environnement Development (LPED)

  • Ecology, sociology, demography, anthropology, geography
  • UMR 151
  • AMU, IRD

Ecology of Mediterranean Forest (URFM)

  • Functional and evolutionary dynamics of Mediterranean forests
  • UR 0629
  • INRA (now INRAE)