During the COP22 in Marrakesh OT-Med scientists participated to several side events mentioned here below. These activities enabled to increase the visibility of OT-Med, as well as of the network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and environmental Change (MedECC) co-coordinted by OT-Med: 

  1. « Franco-Mediterranean scientific cooperation to tackle climate change impacts » with 100 participants invited by French Institute of Research for Development (IRD) and French Institute of Marrakesh; presentation of MedECC by Joel Guiot (director of OT-Med) (10 November, 19h-20h30); 
  2. « Agenda of regional Mediterranean events: A common approach of Mediterranean partners » : presentation by Joel Guiot (director of OT-Med) during the round table with the representatives of the region Tanger-Tétouan-El Hoceima,  Directorate-General for Climate Action (DG CLIMA) of the European Commission, IRD, Plan Bleu, Agency for Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), Mediterranean Energy Observatory (OME) ; organized by the Union for the Mediterranean (11 November, 15h-16h30);
  3. « Solutions for Adaptation in the Mediterranean Region: presentation of the Awards finalists », organized by ADEME, presentation of MedECC by Joel Guiot (director of OT-Med) during the round table with the representatives of Plan Bleu and the winners of the ADEME awards 2016 (12 November, 9h-10h30);
  4. « The Mediterranean region under climate Change, the contribution of Science » presentation of the book edited by AllEnvi (« Alliance nationale de recherche pour l’environnement ») with the participation of about the hundred of researchers including researchers from OT-Med (among others J. Guiot) and from Aix-Marseille University. The round table was organized by IRD with the presence of its director (J.P. Moatti), director of INEE/CNRS (S. Thiébault), Delegate Minister in Charge of Environment of Morocco (Hakima el Haité). This book may be considered as the introduction to the work of MedECC (network co-coordinated by OT-Med) (12 November, 17h-18h30). More about the book;
  5. « Forum of the Mediterranean » (« Le Forum de la Méditerranée »), presentation of MedECC by J. Guiot to about a hundred of participants; talk animated by Ségolène Royal (French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy) with participation of Albert II from Monaco, Delegate Minister in Charge of Environment of Morocco (Hakima el Haité), Coordinator of the UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan-Barcelona Convention Secretariat (L. Gaetano), Deputy Secretary General Energy & Climate Action of UfM (J Borrego), (12 November, 18h30-20h);
  6. « Towards a Mediterranean Experts Group on and Environmental Change (MedECC) », organised by labex OT-Med and Plan Bleu, presentation of MedECC by J. Guiot, J. Le Tellier, W. Cramer, M. Snoussi ; round table with the participation of: Amel Akremi (Ministry of the Environment, Tunisia), Rajae Chafil (Director of Observation, Studies and Planning at the Ministry of the Environment, Morocco), Nicolas Debaisieux (Climate and Energy, Union for the Mediterrnaen), Anne-France Didier (Director, Plan Bleu), Elisabeth Lantéri-Minet (Dept. of International Relations, Principality of Monaco), Christophe Madrolle (Mediterranean delegate, Ministry of the Environment, France), Jean-Paul Moatti (President and director general of IRD) and Arnau Queralt Bassa (Advisory Council for Sustainable Development, Government of Catalonia). Each of them clearly indicated why the existence of MedECC is a necessity and gave his/her opinion on the way to optimize the science-society interface. About 70 participants were present (14 November, 11h-12h30).