The Labex OT-Med call 2018 for collaborative research, support to scientific events, mobility, training and public outreach activities was launched on February 1, 2018 (submision deadline March 19, 2018). OT-Med Management Board selected the funded projects on May 29, 2018, which are as follows :


(Alphabetical order)

Project name Project title Project leaders OT-Med WP Budget funded by OT-Med (€)
BALTOMS Biotic and Abiotic Lability of Terrestrial Organic Matter in Seawater

Jean-François Rontani & Patricia Bonin (MIO)    Olivier Radakovitch (IRSN)

WP2 25 880
BIO-ISO Biomarker Isotopes as Tracers for Climate Changes Guillaume Leduc & Laurence Vidal (Cerege), Morteza Djamali (IMBE) WP1 - WP2 20 000
(sous réserve)
CALAKE Anthropogenic  - WPdeterminants versus climate forcings over the last
millennia: The CAmeroon LAKEs record
Pierre Deschamps (Cerege) WP1 - WP3 - TWP2 50 100
CONTALT Metals contaminants in the marine environment: impact of the
ALTEO industrial effluent in seawater
Stéphanie Jacquet (MIO), Yves Noack (Cerege), Juliette Rouchier (ex. GREQAM) (LAMSADE) WP2 25 040
CYCABIOCLIM 2 Carbon cycle and biodiversity in Mediterranean forests: impact of climate change- Second phase Catherine Fernandez & Virginie Baldy (IMBE) WP2 - TWP2 50 560
GIAH Mobility and collaborative research project : Geoarchaeology of the Istros’ ancient harbours (Danube delta, Romania). Second phase

 Christophe Morhange (Cerege-AMU), Emmanuel Gandouin  (IMBE-AMU)

WP1 - WP3 6 000
LaSeR-Med-Newin Research-LaSer-Med-New insights Melika Baklouti (MIO), Alberte Bondeau (IMBE), Dominique Ami (AMSE) TWP2 37 760
MORESCA Benthic recovery dynamics after 50 years offshore red mud disposal: monitoring benthic foraminifera response to physical disturbance in Cassidaigne canyon

Laetitia Licari (Cerege), Christian Grenz (MIO)

WP2 3 000


Sensitive determination of the surface dissolved phosphate pool for an improved comprehension of the biogeochemical functioning of the Mediterranean Sea  Elvira Pulido (MIO), Malcolm Woodward (PML (UK)) WP1 9 300
PYRROMED 2 Unravelling the fire-climate relationships over the Mediterranean region

Thomas CURT (IRSTEA-RECOVER), Vincent MORON (Cerege), Ricardo TRIGO (Université Lisbonne)

WP1 28 560
R2P Global change and rodent-borne parasites in rice cultivated areas along the River Senegal Isabelle Laffont-Schwob (LPED), Cheikh Tidiane Niang (IRD) TWP1, WP2, WP3 13 080
ReSeaRChMed Relative Sea-level Rise & biodiversity Changes in the Mediterranean basin

Wolfgang Cramer, Yoann Poher, Frédéric Guiter (IMBE)

WP2 27 560
RDMed-DB Resilience and adaptation to Droughts and extreme climate events of the MEDiterranean ancient civilizations: database and model development

Joël Guiot (Cerege), Alberte Bondeau (IMBE)
Delphine Isoardi (Centre Camille Jullian), Bernard Loup Archimede (Strasbourg), Alan
Kirman (EHESS, Paris),
Daniel Contreras (Archeology, Univ Maryland)

WP3, TWP1 30 040
WOODIV Fellowship extension for the WOODIV project: origin and congruence of taxonomic, phylogenetic, functional diversity of the Mediterranean trees Agathe Leriche (IMBE) WP2 26 810
X-Med-1 Multi-dimensional Exploration of the Mediterranean Sea or the return to the pathways of the greatest naturalists of the 19th and 20th centuries: 1. workshop "Antoine-Fortuné MARION and the Gulf of Marseille" Thierry Pérez  (IMBE), Daniel Faget (TELEMME), Eric Dombrowski  (COMEX S.A.) WP2 32 500


Project name Project title Project leaders Budget funded by OT-Med (€)
ForestFire2019 International Conference on Forest Fires and WUI Fires
29th of April – 3rd of May 2019
Eric Maillé, IRSTEA 5 000
ATMEDSPONGE 4th International workshop on Atlanto-Mediterranean Deep-Sea & Caves Sponges Alexander Ereskovsky & Pierre Chevaldonne (IMBE) 5 000
ADATECC 2ème Colloque science société - Adaptation des territoires au changement climatique.
Risques – Ressources – Transition
Wolfgang Cramer (IMBE) 5 000
FdSArbois Fête de la Science de l’Arbois T. de Garidel-Thoron , C. Sonzogni, F. Demory (Cerege) 3 000


Project name Project title Project leaders Budget funded by OT-Med (€)
Pytheas MAPS Mediterranean and African Practical field Schools for Pytheas education programs Franck Torre (IMBE), Pierre Deschamps (Cerege) 23 200


Project name Project title Project leaders OT-Med WP Budget funded by OT-Med (€)
Hydro-medLOC How old’ are groundwater-derived nutrient inputs to coastal lagoons? Thomas Stieglitz (chaire ANR, Cerege), Patrick Raimbault (MIO) WP1 6 500


Project name Project title Project leaders Budget funded by OT-Med (€)
LudiCC Application smartphone et tablette pour comprendre les enjeux du changement climatique Sophie Pekar (OT-Med), Moron (Cerege), O Chanel (GRECAM), J Guiot (Cerege), A Bondeau (IMBE), S maljean Dubois (Ceric), S Ruitton (MIO), T Botti (OSUPytheas) 32 000