The Labex OT-Med call 2017 for small collaborative scientific projects (without funding of staff), support to scientific events and mobility fellowships was launched on January 23, 2017. The deadline was March 6, 2017. The selection of the funded projects was done on April 3, 2017 by the OT-Med Management Board. Below please find the list of funded projects: 


  • Biotic and Abiotic Lability of Terrestrial Organic Matter in Seawater (BALTOMS); Jean-François RONTANI (MIO), Olivier RADAKOVITCH (CEREGE); WP2; 10 K€
  • A "Green Middle East" at the Dawn of Civilization? (PARADISE LOST); Djamali MORTEZA (IMBE), Guillaume LEDUC (CEREGE); WP1; 6 K€
  • Tracking Fires and domestIc buRning using carbon isotopEs over the western Mediterranean Sea (TRACFIRE); Christos PANAGIOTOPOULOS (MIO), Jerome BALESDENT (CEREGE); WP1, WP2; 12 K€
  • The regenerative and recovery capacities of metazoans in marine coastal waters of Mediterranean Sea after natural or human-induced injuries (RECOVERY); Alexander ERESKOVSKY (IMBE), Christel PINAZO (MIO); WP2; 12 K€
  • Forecasting the effects of climate change on soils across the Mediterranean basin (FORSOILMED); Anne-Marie FARNET DA SILVA (IMBE); WP2; 10K€
  • Benthic recovery dynamics after 50-yrs offshore red mud disposal: monitoring benthic foraminifera response to physical disturbance in Cassidaigne canyon (MORESCA); Laetitia LICARI (CEREGE), Christian GRENZ (MIO); WP2; 9,3 K€
  • Geomorphology and Archeosismicity in Transcaucasia (GeoArT); Olivier BELLIER (CEREGE), Vincent OLLIVIER (LAMPEA MMSH), WP1; 10 K€


  • Preparing next generation fine scale experiments in the Mediterranean sea (FineMed), 26-28 June 2017; Andrea DOGLIOLI (MIO), Gérald GREGORI (MIO), Francesco D'OVIDIO (LOCEAN); WP1; 3K€
  • Workshop on foraminiferal response to multiple climatic stressors (FORCIS), 3 days in November 2017; Thibault DE GARIDEL-THORON (CEREGE), Xavier GIRAUD (CEREGE); WP1, WP2; 2,4 K€
  • 4ème Colloque de Génomique Environnementale (GE), 13-15 September 2017; Patricia BONIN (MIO), Didier AURELLE (IMBE), Alex BAUMEL (IMBE); WP1, WP2; 3K€
  • 8th World Congress of Allelopathy (WCA8-2017), 24-27 of July 2017; Catherine FERNANDEZ (IMBE),  6K€
  • Fête de la Science de l’Arbois (FdSArbois), 12 October 2017; Thibault DE GARIDEL-THORON (CEREGE),  Corinne SONZOGNI (CEREGE), Francois DEMORY (CEREGE); 2K€
  • Sciences and Algorithms around Graphs on “Environment and Society" (SAGES Days), 25-27 October 2017; Jean-Pierre FERAL (IMBE), Romain DAVID (IMBE), Denis COUVET (MNHN), Aurélie DELAVAUD (FRB); TWP1; 3K€
  • 16th International Workshop Spatial Econometrics and Statistics (SEW2017); 2 days; Ghislain GENIAUX (INRA ECODEV); WP3; 1,5 K€


  • Surface Water – groundwater connectivity in the Murray Basin – Australian mediTerranean climate (WOMBAT); 2 months in Australia;  Camille BOUCHEZ (CEREGE); WP1 
  • Emerging Contaminants in complex matrices from Marine Environments: A Mediterranean-Atlantic Perspective (ECoMarE); 5 weeks; Javier CASTRO JIMENEZ (MIO); WP1, WP2; 7,9 K€
  • Geoarchaeology of the ancient harbor of Histria (Danube delta, Romania) (DANUBE DELTA); 12 months; Christophe MORHANGE (CEREGE), Valérie ANDRIEU-PONEL (IMBE); WP1, WP3; 5 K€
  • Claudio Faccenna, Chaire d’excellence (AMIdex) preparation  on “Topography, geodynamics and landscape evolution” (FACCENNA/topodynamics); 10 days; Olivier BELLIER (CEREGE); WP1; 1,5 K€