Final Conference - What kind of environmental transition for the mediterranean region? - October 14-16 2019, Marseille

What kind of environmental transition for the mediterranean region?

October 14th, 15th and 16th, 2019
Amphi A Gastaut, Palais du Pharo, Marseille, France

Given the impacts of global changes, the Earth system is reaching its limits on use of natural resources and biosphere integrity. The Paris Agreement for climate signed in 2015 targets the fight against climate change as a non-negotiable condition for sustainable development of our societies. The IPCC special report on a 1.5°C warming concludes that, although it is not too late to act, a 1.5 °C maximum warming requires a drastic society model change, taking into account not only economic, but also environmental and human development. Such a transition thus relies on new paradigms and practices changes.

The research consortium Labex OT-Med coordinates and funds research projects on global change and natural hazards in the Mediterranean region and semi-arid Sahel regions since 2012. It plans to evolve into a Mediterranean Environmental Transition Institute (ITEM) in 2020. This October 2019 international conference is designed to share its research results and what is at stake with international collaborators.

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Monday 14

Start Title Speakers
9:00 Welcome message and introduction : Framework of the environmental transition for the Mediterranean region Yvon BERLAND, Joël GUIOT
9:30 Session 1 : Biodiversity, ecosystem services, adaptation Guillermo GEA-IZQUIERDO, Rutger DE WIT, Luis-Miguel CHEVIN, Abdelhamid KHALDI, Bruno FADY et al., Nathalie BOUTIN
13:00 Lunch  
14:30 Session 2 : Water resources, risks and adaptation Khatim KHERRAZ, Julio GONCALVES, Piero LIONELLO, Yves TRAMBLAY, Valenti RODELLAS, Virginie BALDY, François CARLOTTI
19:00 Conference diner, Salon Eugénie in Palais du Pharo  

Wednesday 16

Start Activity - (in French, upon invitation only)
9:00 Ateliers de réflexion participatifs, coordonnés par des animateurs professionnels : élaborer un scénario de collaboration science/société adapté à un besoin territorial
11:00 Séance plénière – Restitution des ateliers : Les blocages, les manques et les besoins identifiés dans le processus de collaboration science-société
12:30 Déjeuner

Thuesday 15

Start Title Speakers
9:00 Session 3 : Natural hazards, associated risks and adaptation Matteo VACCHI, Laura PERUZZA, Fantina TEDI, Goneri LE GOZANNET, Freddy VINET
12:30 Lunch  
14:30 Session 4 : Perspectives Joël GUIOT, Jeroen VAN DEN BERGH, Jean-Paul MOATTI
16:30 Round Table : How to deal with environmental transition and sustainable development in scientific strategies? Peter DE MENOCAL, Patrizia ZIVERI, Luc ABBADIE, Jean SCIARE, Jérôme ROSE
19:30 Free conference for all (in French) : La biodiversité des sols - More info Lionel RANJARD


The Organising Committee invited all researchers from all Labex members to share their scientific results relevant to OT-Med’s research priorities through this call for posters. Researchers who received Labex OT-Med funding since 2012 were particularly encouraged to participate.

Detailed call for posters

List of accepted posters 

Abstracts of posters