4th OT-Med Progress Meeting was held from 6 to 7 April 2017 in Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer (France, about 40 km from Marseille) at "Dolce Frégate Provence"(presentation , info).

About 70 participants were present.

During this event the results and the actions of OT-Med within different research themes were presented, as well as training and transfer activities.  

The future projects after the end of the Labex and the synthesis articles were discussed as well.

Download the program (pdf), click here.


6 April 2017

9.00-9.30  Welcome coffee                                                                         

9.30-10.00  General report of OT-Med, Joël Guiot (OT-Med, CEREGE)


10.00-10.30  Natural risks in the Mediterranean : Hazard, vulnerability, perception and management (RISKMED) (WP1, WP3), Raquel Bertoldo (ESPACE), Lucilla Benedetti (CEREGE), Alexandra Lindenmann, (ESPACE), Lionel Siame   (CEREGE), Eugenie Perouse (CEREGE), Etienne Bailey (ESPACE)


10.30-11.00  Aix‐Marseille Carbon Pilot Study (AMC) (TWP1), Dominique Lefevre (MIO), Irene Xueref-Remy (LSCE) 

11.00-11.30  Coffee break


11.30-12.00  Towards an integrated prediction of Land & Sea Responses to global change in the Mediterranean Basin   (LaSeR-Med) (TWP2), Melika Baklouti (MIO), Alberte Bondeau (IMBE), Dominique Ami (GREQAM), Rémi   Pagès (MIO), Anne-Sophie Augeres (IMBE)


12.00-12.30  Biogeochemical and Ecological Effects of Coastal Groundwater Discharge into Mediterranean Lagoons (ECO_medLOC) (WP1), Thomas Stieglitz (CEREGE), Patrick Raimbault (MIO), Aladin Andriosa (CEREGE),   Valenti Rodellas (CEREGE)

12.30-12.45  Integrated assessment of the fate and impacts of organic pollutants in the Mediterranean Sea   (MEDPOP) (WP1), Richard Sempéré (MIO), Javier Castro Jiménez (MIO)

12.45-14.15  Lunch


14.15-14.30  Forest soil vulnerability under climate change: does stand mixity matter in Mediterranean forests ? (WP2), Anne-Marie Farnet (IMBE), Philip Roche (IRSTEA), Maya Kheir (IMBE)

14.30-14.45  Action and retroaction between climate and soil: cost in terms of global C storage in soils (ClimSoil) (WP2, TWP2),  Sophie Cornu (CEREGE-USC INRA)

14.45-15.00  Socio-Ecological Indicators for Mediterranean Agro-ecosystem Sustainability (SEI-Med) (WP2), Wolfgang Cramer (IMBE), Claude Napoleone (ECODEV INRA Avignon), Valérie Coudrain (IMBE)

15.00-15.15  Spatial and temporal Adaptation of a traditional Mediterranean fishery facing Regiona Change:   COmbining history and ecoLogy to study past, prEsent and future of sponge harvesting (SACOLEVE) (WP2, WP3),  Thierry Pérez (IMBE), Daniel Faget (TELEMME), Maia Fourt (IMBE)


15.15-15.30  Edition of the OT-Med “Big City” whitebook, Thomas Curt (IRSTEA RECOVER)

15.30-16.00  Coffee break


16.00-16.15  OT-Med transfer activities, Sophie Pekar (OT-Med), Katarzyna Marini (OT-Med)

16.15-16.30  OT-Med training  activities, Franck Torre (IMBE)


16.30-16.45 Information on the on-going MIstrals/SicMed2 prospective, Eric Martin (IRSTEA RECOVER)

16.45-18.00  Futur after the end of the Labex, Joël Guiot (OT-Med, CEREGE), Nicolas Roche (PR2I Environment AMU,   M2P2)

18.00-19.00  Invited talk, Nathalie de Noblet (LSCE, CEA Saclay) – tbc

19.30-20.00  Welcome drink

20.00-  Dinner and bar

7 April 2017

9.00-11.00  Parallel workshops on the synthesis scientific articles resulting from OT-Med

•« Adaptation des espèces et des écosystèmes » Anne Chenuil (IMBE), Didier Aurelle (IMBE), Alexander Ereskovsky (IMBE)
•« Variabilité climatique en zones semi-arides » Laurence Vidal (CEREGE), Florence Sylvestre (CEREGE)
•« Niveau marin : holocène et futur »  Matteo Vacchi  (Univ. Montpellier 3/ CEREGE), Christophe Morhange (CEREGE)
•« Risques naturels et technologiques. I‘incertitude dans l’évaluation des risques » Thomas Curt (IRSTEA), Lucilla Benedetti (CEREGE)

11.00-11.30  Coffee break

11.30-12.00  Wrap-up session of the morning  workshops

12.00-13.30  Lunch

13.30-15.30  Three parallel sessions:

•Meeting of international scientific council (ISC)
•Meeting on the transfer of scientific work to the society perspectives, Isabelle Laffont-Schwob (IMBE),  Sophie Pekar (OT-Med)
•Mediterranean Earth Systems Analysis Network (MESAN), Joel Guiot (OT-Med CEREGE), Bruno Hamelin (CEREGE)

15.30-16.30   Report by the ISC president, final discussion

16.30  End of the meeting